Fuji Superia X-TRA 400

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Today I want to quickly share some photos taken with¬†Fuji Superia X-TRA 400 film and Yashica Electro 35 GSN rangefinder.I decided to try shooting on colour again, however this film slightly disappointed because of colour tones. I reckon that other films such like Kodak Ektar or Kodak Portra could be able to produce better results. I will test these in a couple of weeks ūüėČ


P.S.¬†I am currently preparing an interesting review about Yashica Electro 35 GSN camera with photo examples! Don’t miss it!! ūüôā

Yashica Electro 35 GSN

Yashica Electro 35 GSN (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Daily Leicester

Hello Everyone!!

I must apologise for such long silence from me.. During this period of time I was so busy working with my university works that I didn’t have enough time for this blog. Today is Monday the 29th and that means that in a morning I will be handing in my final project for university. Do you want to know more about this project??

For this assessment I am handing in 14 best images taken from 2012 September until 2013 end of April. This series I called¬†Daily Leicester¬†(currently I live in this city) which shows and represents the daily life of my¬†neighbourhood. I tried to concentrate on interesting people and worth capturing moments which could show Leicester as a fast pace city. I don’t want to¬†expand¬†very much because I think that photographs should be able to speak for themselves.

In previous post I have mentioned about 5 rolls of different films about which I really haven’t forgotten. On Tuesday I have my last handing in for Uni and then I will dedicate more time for this Blog and Street Photography.

I am attaching a gallery of images which you have probably seen already for my final assessment. Please take a look and leave a comments if you like it. ūüôā

Raymond Depardon – Manhattan Out

From now on, I will try to dedicate every Saturday for someone who inspires me or are worth looking at. I will try to concentrate more on street photographers from all around the world, but if I will find someone  interesting from different area I will share with you as well.

Raymond Depardon – Manhattan Out

Last I week I went to my University Library and I took a huge bunch of various photo albums for deeper investigation. I really didn’t mind the author ¬†because for me it’s more interesting to find something new which I haven’t heard about before. So, this Saturday I am dedicating to still living French¬†photographer,¬†photojournalist¬†and¬†documentary filmmaker Raymond Depardon. I don’t want to expand very biographically but I will mention that Raymond belongs to Magnum Photographers community and has won¬†Pulitzer Prize in 1977 as a photo-journalist.

The book which I found in library has quite interesting story. Raymond has never been a street photographer but at 1980 winter he came to the New York with his friend. While she worked, Depardon used to walk around the city and take photos of random people. He was teriffied of New York, because couldn’t speak in english etc. ¬†He decided to never look through viewfinder and take pictures from the waist level.

Despite the fact of those photographs, Raymond didn’t felt quite confident somehow and even had a fear to develop the films. ¬†When he saw pictures for the first time, Depardon was disappointed of bad compositions ¬†and simillar things and put all those photographs away for 27 years. After such long period of time, Raymond ¬†with the help of friend had a chance to see and enlarge them again and eventually noticed something very unique. ¬†A lot of Americans were looking stright at the camera lens!

Personally, after seeing this photo album which you can purchase from Amazon for quite reasonable price, I came up with conclusion that taking photographs from the waist level is really good technique because people have no idea someone is taking a photographs of them and sometimes wrong composition just makes image more stronger.

Here is some images from the photo album.


Medium Format and Bronica ETR-Si

Yesterday, I checked my drawer where I keep most of my camera gear and found one roll of Kodak 120 Tri-x 400 iso film. It was heavily cloudly outside so I decided to try to do one little project which I called Leicester under 4 seconds. I took my lovely Bronica ETR-Si medium format 6 x 4.5 camera, my manfrotto tripod and went to the city streets to take some images with 4 seconds and longer exposures. For such long exposure I have used Cokin P Series ND filters which I have purchased last year from ebay.  I am not sure how my pictures are going to come out. I will find out that only on Monday but I really want to believe that with help of portable light meter I have  sucessfully managed to set exposure corectly.

Today I am posting some of my images taken with this lovely camera from before. It’s not that easy to photograph in the streets with this Bronica, but I am getting better everytime when I take this beast in my hands.

Similarity to street photographer Bruce Gilden

Last year autumn I was taking some images on 35 mm film around the city and when I developed that film I have noticed something worth looking.

All street photographers should know famous still living photographer Bruce Gilden and perhaps some of them are familliar with this photo taken years ago.bruce

After doing some research for my studies, I somehow remembered this photograph from Bruce Gilden and when developed and looked closer to my picture I became astonished. If you look closer, you will find so many similarities. Let’s start from composing the pictures – They are vertical images and persons are placed closer to the right side of image. ¬†Both man wear hats and are looking downwards. Both man are smoking and they are in precise body position (Hands and legs gestures). ¬†Isn’t that nice coincidence?¬†img042

02 Further Investigation

Early this morning I have received my second monograph which I called 02, Further Investigation. ¬†Last year, I made a decision to publish one monograph each year with the best images taken in that period of time. Withouth street photography, I am also quite interested in nightclub and music festival photography so I this year I dedicated this album for these 3 areas in which I have strongest skills. If you want to know, I have created this book with Blurb¬†software which has easy and simple layout that everyone could be able to make albums.. ¬†1/3 of this monograph I have dedicated to my street photography images and I am posting those images under. Some of them are taken with my trusty Nikon D7000, some of them with 35 mm film camera Nikon F65 and some of them even with medium format Bronica ETR-Si and Mamiya RZ 67 PRO2. About these two medium format cameras I’ll talk a little bit later ūüėČ
If you want to purchase my monographs, please take a look at this link.

My Nikon D7000

Yesterday I showed you couple of images taken on my first film roll from Yashica Electro 35 GSN and after posting that message here I went to my neighbourhood to take some more images! Currently, I have a holidays, so I have been slowly taking photos almost 3 weeks now because my assessments for university are getting closer. This Monday I will have to develop at least 4 b&w films and I know that there are really great shots.. Today, I want to show you some of my images taken previously on DSLR, because I am taking photogaphs on digital as well, however 35 mm and 120 film is more interesting for me.

I started taking photographs in the streets with my Nikon D7000 and 35mm 1.8f ¬†prime lens, but straight away I noticed that my subjects were too far from me, so I decided to buy probably cheapest from nikon but very very good 50mm 1.8 lens. Henry Cartier – Bresson always worked with 50 mm lens, so I thought that it should really be a great choice ūüėČ ¬†I am not sure why images quality is so low, but tomorrow I wil try to fix it ūüôā If you want to see larger photos – just click on them.

Yashica Electro 35 GSN

One month ago I became very interested in Rangefinders. To those who don’t know what it is, check this link. I tried to read as much as possible about them, watched many videos on youtube and finally came up with Yashica Electro 35 rangefinder camera series. I fall in love straight away because of design and some other cool features. At that time I was bored with my normal 35mm SLR, so I tought this is going to be something different. On the ebay I found quite many of them at price for a good condition one about 70 – 80 pounds. ¬†I made the decision quickly and after approximatelly one week I received ¬†this camera in mint condition. I am including some examples from my first film roll shot on this camera. I used¬†Fuji Superia X-Tra 400 film. While shooting I noticed that it is not that easy to focus while looking throuhg viewfinder, so I thought that if you are doing street photography, maybe the easiest way of shooting is using prefocus system. I will try that in my next roll of film. However, for more static situations it is very usefull toy to learn focus manualy. My next film on this camera is going to be B&W Ilford Delta 400.









Made this inside the local market building and I was really surprised of how camera sucessfully managed to work under low light situation.