Raymond Depardon – Manhattan Out

From now on, I will try to dedicate every Saturday for someone who inspires me or are worth looking at. I will try to concentrate more on street photographers from all around the world, but if I will find someone  interesting from different area I will share with you as well.

Raymond Depardon – Manhattan Out

Last I week I went to my University Library and I took a huge bunch of various photo albums for deeper investigation. I really didn’t mind the author  because for me it’s more interesting to find something new which I haven’t heard about before. So, this Saturday I am dedicating to still living French photographer, photojournalist and documentary filmmaker Raymond Depardon. I don’t want to expand very biographically but I will mention that Raymond belongs to Magnum Photographers community and has won Pulitzer Prize in 1977 as a photo-journalist.

The book which I found in library has quite interesting story. Raymond has never been a street photographer but at 1980 winter he came to the New York with his friend. While she worked, Depardon used to walk around the city and take photos of random people. He was teriffied of New York, because couldn’t speak in english etc.  He decided to never look through viewfinder and take pictures from the waist level.

Despite the fact of those photographs, Raymond didn’t felt quite confident somehow and even had a fear to develop the films.  When he saw pictures for the first time, Depardon was disappointed of bad compositions  and simillar things and put all those photographs away for 27 years. After such long period of time, Raymond  with the help of friend had a chance to see and enlarge them again and eventually noticed something very unique.  A lot of Americans were looking stright at the camera lens!

Personally, after seeing this photo album which you can purchase from Amazon for quite reasonable price, I came up with conclusion that taking photographs from the waist level is really good technique because people have no idea someone is taking a photographs of them and sometimes wrong composition just makes image more stronger.

Here is some images from the photo album.